Tattoo Tuesday: Lady Gaga tattoos

Helloooo my darlings!

Fandom tattoos. I’m not sure if I get them. I mean sure, I get getting a Metallica logo tattoo because they’ve been around for 70 million years and counting. I even get getting a Rolling Stone tattoo. But I don’t get a “Die Antwoord” tattoo or a Katy Perry one. That’s just me. Lady Gaga tattoos? I’m not sure of…

What do you guys think?

Happy Tuesday!


Tattoo Tuesday: Twilight Tats

Hello my dearies!

Why? Why would you get a tattoo of a Twilight character? Don’t ask me because I think it’s the silliest idea since the invention of the She-Wee.

Not only will you have a picture of a make-believe wolf or vampire on  you, you will end up being one of those creepy pedo-ladies called the Twi-moms one day. Then again, most of the people who get them are already moms or grandmothers, so never-mind…

OK so I’ll be the first to admit that some of the quotes in The Twilight Saga were actually quite nice – let’s forget for a moment that 90% of the quotes were stolen from Shakespeare – and that I wouldn’t wanna burn my eyes out if I saw somebody with the tattoo.

Here are the Good, the Bad and the HUGLY (hugely-ugly) of Twilight Tattoos:

The Good:

The Bad:

I REALLY hope this just a stamp…

and the HUGLY!!

and drumroll please….

I do apologize for any blindness or nausea I caused with my post.

Regardless though,

have a happy Tattoo Tuesday!


Tattoo Tuesday: 3 Dumbest Places to Get Tattoos

Hey guys and girls!

So you may agree, you may disagree, but I think some people are just really silly to get tattoos where some people get tattoos, you know what I’m saying?

I mean, if your body is covered in ink, then to get one on your boob is cool because you’ve got a theme going on, you know? But if you get a picture of a dolphin alone on one titty, you’re gonna have a bad time when your dolphin turns into a grandma whale when you’re ancient.

Places you should never get a tattoo:

1. Boobs or Moobs:

I’m not even sure if I should censor the above pic or not because of the excess amount of boob I’m not sure if this is a man or a woman. Anyway, do you see how NOT SEXY this is?

Sure it looks hot now… but when they sag? Here’s hoping she tats her whole body…

2. Under-foot tattoo:

I’m sorry, but WHY? Why would you put yourself through that torture and NOBODY will see it unless you physically kick them in the face??

So if he steps in poo, will it qualify as Hot Shit?

3. Ass and Ass Cheek Tats:

I’d post these but I think I might get into trouble. Just google them. I want to say that I feel very sorry for tattoo artists world-wide because not only to you see and smell what they had for lunch, your work will most likely not even be seen.

SO hopefully I’ve convinced you to not get one any of the above places, but hey, it’s your prerogative.

Meanwhile, enjoy this sexual (NOT) video of this girl getting her a-hole tattood. Again, this is not safe for passers-by so please don’t watch it at work. Or near your children. Or dog. LOL!


Tattoo Tuesday: Creepy Clown Tattoos

Hey again my cherries and daggers!

Having a terrific and terrifying Tuesday, are you?

Well you should because tomorrow’s HALLOWEEEEEEEEN!!!

And, well, I’ve decided to do a blog on something that seems to be getting a lot of attention on my blog lately and that’s CLOWNS….

Or, to be more specific, this blog is not about the clown phobia that I covered a few weeks ago (that one you can find here: )

This blog is about different types of Clown Tattoos that people get:

Hope you all loved another clown post!

It’s another day closer to Friday!!!


Tattoo Tuesday: Some Tim Burton Designs

Good morning my cherries and daggers!

Hope you’re having a fab Tuesday so far….

So, if you’re like me and eat, sleep and breathe everything Tim Burton, then you might have a slight heart attack at what I’m about to show you…

If you’re one of those people that have been sleeping under a rock for the past 30 years and don’t know who the master of Gothic/Comedic Movie genres is, then let me enlighten you…

Timothy Walter Burton was born on the 25th of August 1958 and is an American Director, Writer, Producer and Artist. You might recognise his work – Nightmare Before Christmas, the Batman films starring George Clooney and Michael Keeting, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Planet of the Apes, Alice in Wonderland and many many many more!

Since I was just a little girl and didn’t know who he was, I was watching Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat, as well as Beetlejuice and the Batman movies. Yep, I was a pretty twisted kid and still am!

Anyway I’ve seen some awesome Burton-inspired tattoos I thought I’d share with you, check em out:

Was I the only one thinking “why in the hell would you get a Pee Wee Herman tattoo??”??

Anyway if you’ve never seen a Burton film, do yourself a favour and get with the program ASAP!!!

Happy day peeps!


Tattoo Tuesday: Cheetah Print Tattoos

Hello again my darlings!

So another Monday has come and gone and it’s a wonderfully rainy day here in Sunny South Africa – YAY!!!

So, when I was at Pride over the weekend, lots of people asked me if my cheetah print makeup down my neck was a tattoo and as much as I’d have loved to say it was, I told them no. I thought about it though and even though I’d love to get more tattoos, I don’t think I’m much of an “animal print tattoo” kinda girl. I did however, find it terribly fascinating and had to just look for some pretty cheetah-print tats to share with you guys and this is what I found:

Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I always seem to think of Snooki from Jersey Shore when I see leopard print… #justsaying

Have a fab Tuesday!


Tattoo Tuesday: Fairytale Tats

Hello again my darlings…

So as I mentioned yesterday, I have a massive thing for anything to do with fairytales and Disney, which made me think about how cool a tattoo like that would actually look!

What do you think of the ones I’ve found on the internet?

Would you ever get one?

I probably would!

Have a fab Tuesday


Tattoo Tuesday: The Joker and Scar Tats

Hey my sexies,

sorry about about the late post! The fudging public holiday on Monday (it was Heritage Day in South Africa) totally threw me off and now I’m 2 days late on everything.

So I was shopping yesterday when I saw a man with a big dog who happened to have one of THE COOLEST tattoos on his arm I have ever seen. I made it my soul goal to look for this little masterpiece and luckily I found a very similar copy to it:

The joker (and Scar from The Lion King), are probably the most badass villains in movie-villain history. Not only are they evil and awesome, but they look so good as tattoos!!

Check it out:

So I’ve decided that if I’m ever going to date a guy he should have one of these badass villains tattooed on him. And he should be rich and funny and beautiful… and a CEO… and drive an Audi… and his name should be Christian.

Just saying.

Have a fab rest of the day till I can figure out what to write for WTF Wednesday and Tribute Thursday!



Tattoo Tuesday: Get-Ink-Sane

Good morning peeps and Happy Tattoo Tuesday!

So a few days ago a guy by the name of Johann Gutter Poet Gamos added me on Facebook and we started chatting. Turns out he is the co-owner of a tattoo place in Pretoria, South Africa by the name of Get-Ink-Sane.

Let me just warn you, their work is amazing!!!

Check out the work done by their one artist, Stefan Draak:

Their artist Anita De Bruin:

and Cheryl Lindgren:

Like what you see?

Check out their facebook page here:

Have an awesome day peeps!


Tattoo Tuesday: BAD Tattoo Fails

Hey my darling cherries and daggers!

Imagine sitting in the chair at the tattoo parlour. You have the picture of your late and great grandma in your hand. You smile sweetly at the tattoo artist and he says he can do it. Turns out he can’t, but obviously you don’t know this until he’s done and you have a massive Michael Jackson-looking piece of artwork on your body.

Check out some of these HECTIC tattoo fails and either laugh or cry at the people who got them:

Drawn by a 5 year old with an ink gun – Here’s an idea, DON’T let your kids near one

Did you mean Nothing Lasts Forever? That tattoo sure is going to last forever buddy…

I have no words…

Your, You’re… I can’t stretch this enough

NO…. Just…no…

I think I just vomited a little in my mouth

That’s deep

Since when is Clint Eastwood red?


Hmm I’ll try… O.o

So here’s a little motto to live by:

THINK before you INK!

Have an awesome Tuesday