Featured Friday: Kazumi

Good morning and Happy Friday my darlings!

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Reow. Shot by NudgePix

Reow. Shot by NudgePix


Location: Canberra, Australia
Height: 163cm
Birthday: 20th October
Eyes: Blue/yellow
Hair: Blonde

Ambitions: To follow my modelling and music career. Also to work closely with mental health; helping people deal with major illness’s that are not at all recognised/helped enough.
Every girl needs: and deserves to feel sexy! I love helping women see their true potential. Every girl needs me, i’ll love the shit out of you all.
Favourtie Food: Noodles and burritos!

I'm a weird girl. I like weird shit. If you're freaky, i'll like you a lot. @nudgepix

I’m a weird girl. I like weird shit. If you’re freaky, i’ll like you a lot. @nudgepix

Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: I love my vodka pineapples and tequila!
Favourite Quote: Hell is empty, all the devils are here.
5 movies fav movies: 8 Mile, Girl Interrupted, Scarface, Beauty and the beast and The Experiment. I always hate picking favorites! I have so many!
Favourite Bands: 30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance.

533766_512460445445627_708003401_nBest TV Shows: The L word, American Horror Story, Archer and Rugrats.
3 must have items: Black lipstick, eye lashes and your self respect.
Favourite sports: Gymnastics and dance.
Dream car: 60’s Black Ford Mustang two door coupe
Favourite color: Black….. even though its not a color it’s a shade, i still have to say black..

Where can we find you (Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr)?
Instagram: @thatskazumi
Twitter: @thatskazumi
Tumblr: thatskazumi.tumblr.com

An older shot from my shoot with the amazing Eric Peris.

An older shot from my shoot with the amazing Eric Peris.

Have a lovely weekend peeps!


Featured Friday: Rose Luna Wolf

Good morning my cherries and daggers!

Another Friday, another Featured Fearless Female!

Today’s Featured beauty is a true American girl, sweet and beautiful and spunky in her personality and a dear friend of mine. Check her out!

Rose Luna Wolf

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Of America
Height: 5’7
Birthday: Feb. 3
Eyes: Blue, Grey and Green sometimes
Hair: Blonde, But hopfully Pink soon! ^.^

Ambitions: I want do be a Model and a Zoo Keeper! Ahhh…. happy days…
Every girl needs: Clothes that make them feel pretty and a good book!
Favourtie Food: Pho and steak!
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Anything Fru Fru
Favourite Quote: “You never truely dead until your fogotten… And I’ll never Be Forgotten” Rose Luna

5 movies fav movies: Anything Nightmare on Elm Street, Mulan, Paranormal Activity1-3, Doctor Who: The Waters On Mars, Anastasia
Favourite Bands:System of a down, POD, ICP, The Dresden Dolls

Best TV Shows: Family Guy, American Dad, Inuyasha,Naruto Bleach, Soul Eater, Bones and of corse Doctor Who…. but i could go on and oon
3 must have items: Unlimited Anime, My Bestfriend, My Blanket
Favourite sports: Erm…. i dont really like sports lol
Dream car: Priuse
Favourite color: Orange!

Where can we find you:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/RoseLunaWolf


It’s weekend bitches!!!
Have a great one!!


Featured Friday: Genny Genocide

Good morning my darlings!

So, today I’m featuring my absolute FAVOURITE Suicide Girl from the country I come from – South Africa!

Pretty, emo and bubbly like crazy!!

Genny Genocide

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Height: 1.58
Birthday: 23 November
Eyes: brown
Hair: black

Ambitions: to start my own charity organization and treatment centre for teens with mental disorders, eating disorders and drug problems.
Every girl needs: a little black dress
Favourite food: McDonalds
Favourite alcoholic beverage: i don’t drink
Favourite quote: The fear of falling will keep you from flying

5 Favourite movies: Girl, Interrupted, Donnie Darko, The Twilight series, The Hole, The Phantom Of The Opera
Favourite bands: Bullet for my Valentine, The Used, Billy Talent, Vampire Weekend
Best tv shows: Supernatural, Dexter, American Horror Story
3 Must have items: Eyeliner, Stilletto’s, A good pair of skinnies
Favourite sports: Roller derby
Dream car: Peugot 206CC
Favourite colour: purple

Where can we find you on facebook/twitter/tumblr? http://www.facebook.com/genny.mcemo

Check her out like today still!

Happy Friday!


Tattoo Tuesday: Cherry von Dagger’s Tattoos

Hey my Cherries and Daggers

So I thought I’d start my very first “Tattoo Tuesday” blog with my very own tats. Sure I don’t have many, in fact, I only have 2… but hey, humour me.

So, my first tattoo is the one on my hip of 2 Cherries. As a teenager I always wanted to get cherries on my inner arm to represent virginity, but I was working in retail at the time and couldn’t get a tattoo, unless it was covered 24/7, so I left it and finally got it a few years later on my hip after having a fight with my then-boyfriend and felt impulsive and angry (silly, I know, but I don’t regret getting it).

I was impulsive and a little scared to get a tattoo. I remember that I drove my little red Toyota Conquest RSI to the nearest shopping mall (one of my first times driving on my own, so I was nervous as hell), asked how much it would be and when they said it wouldn’t cost me too much, I had it done straight away, taking the first cherry design they had (after I fell in love with it), not thinking twice and having it done.

Then came the pain and Cherry thought she was going to DIE!!!

According to friends of mine, the hip is the most sore place to get a tattoo, but different people have different opinions on the matter. Anyway, needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be getting a tat on my hip again any time soon!

I got my second tattoo about 2 months ago. It is a lipstick-stained-kiss on my left wrist and I can GARRANTEE you, it was not half as sore as the tat on my hip! A good friend of mine took me to have it done and it looked like a Jay-Z tranny kissed my arm at the time, because it was hugely swollen, it’s all better now though, and looks super cute.

When people look at my tattoos, they ask me what’s the “deeper” meaning of my tattoos? Well, to be honest, I don’t have a “deeper” meaning to my tattoos, because unlike the girl who gets her great-granny tattood to her ankle, I want my tattoos to represent my personality and what makes me happy and to me, what makes me happy is pretty and feminine things.

Have an awesome Tattoo Tuesday my cherries and daggers!