CvD in Chapter Change… This Edition – Becoming a Mom

Hey my lovelies!!

I know it’s been FOREVER and I do apologize for being AWOL the last while.  The past few months have been insane and I’ve gone from insane party girl, to calming down and settling a bit to my new chapter as *le pregnant ladaeh.

I’m in my 10th week and although it came as a shock at first, I’m over the moon with joy! Can you imagine my own little punk prince or princess? EDIBLE!!


At the moment I’m in the can’t-stomach-any-smell faze, where morning sickness feels like it’s pneumonia and everything hurts, but everyone tells me that from 12 weeks on it’s the best. That’s when you start to feel the flutters of little life dancing and headbanging inside your belly. I can’t wait!!

Sorry that I’m going a bit gooey on you guys, but the feminine little fairy within me is super happy and to top it off, I’m going to be taking on a lot of awesome challenges in times to come. I can’t wait to share it with you all, because you’ll all be part of the awesome journey.

Hope to blog again soon.




Just a little blog to tell you what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been so quiet… also, LADY GAGA again

Sooo I’ve been on the down-low for quite a while and I just want to apologize to all my gorgeous followers for still sticking around, you guys are awesome!

Things have been super hectic in my life, getting my own place, working 2 jobs and modelling, and to top it off, the festive season has arrived, so I’ve got family around and and and… lol

To those of you who wanted to know about the Lady Gaga show, it was AMAZING!!!! She is by far the best performer I’ve seen live! Crazy, funny and sweet and can put any broadway musical to shame with her amazing stage presence.


If anybody has any photographs from the show, please feel free to send them to me! I loved it soooo much.

530423_130256507129060_589519040_n 558793_130256547129056_2029801449_n

Anyway, have a lovely day further peeps!

Tribute Thursday will be up tomorrow ♥

Peace and love


Manic Monday: Going Gaga this weekend

Ola my lovelies!

SO as some of you might or might not know, I’m a huge Little Monster. I’m a massive Lady Gaga fan, and yes to my metal fans, I know this may come as a shock to you, but please sit down, have a glass of vodka on the rocks and just get over it!

What I love about this bitch is her devotion to her fans, her strong attitude towards equality and yes, even I rock out to her music!

This weekend she’s going to perform her “Born This Way Ball” at the FNB Stadium in Soweto, South Africa and of course me and many of my gay friends are going with me to rock out to “Judas”, “You and I” and “Born this Way”.

If you’re in Joburg this weekend and you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, you suck. Officially. BUT if you wanna be part of the cool crowd, you can buy a ticket here, like right now:

I promise to dress absolutely outrageous, carry on extremely ridiculously and take lots and lots of manic pictures and maybe even a video or two.

Hope to see you there…

Have a fabulous week!


Manic Monday: The End of the Twilight Saga and the premiere I went to

Good morning my lovelies

Hope your Monday morning starts off better than mine because I think I might have a damn ear infection. Joy of friggin joys.

Anyway, I have some good news for every male that has a girlfriend with an obsession with Edward and Jacob and that is:

So, I’m sure many a boyfriend is pleased with that!

I’ll admit that at one stage I was a woman obsessed, having read (and owned) all the books, albums and DVDs of the Twilight Saga, but alas I’ve grown out of that stage and I am now a fully functional human being. I think.

On Thursday though, I was invited to be a VIP at the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Monte Casino and being me and loving free stuff, I was there like a polar bear!

From having glasses of 4th Street Rose wines, to yummy finger snacks to popcorn and Coke and even meeting a Jacob and Edward lookalike (who actually looked nothing like them – LOL), a good time was had and well, the movie wasn’t half bad either!

There’s even one part in the movie that wasn’t even in the book… which totally confused the HELL out of me! Oh and to the one who asked me to add it here as a *spoiler*, it ain’t going to happen! Ha ha!

If you are a fan of the movies though, I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed at all.

Anyway my lovelies, I’m going to go die a slow death with these silly ears of mine that hurt so bad. Have a fabulous Monday!


Manic Monday: Only 9 Mondays left this year // New Years Resolutions?

Good morning my cherries and daggers!

Hope y’all had a fab weekend and don’t feel zombified like me – and mind you, this is after 2 cups of coffee, blegh…

Anyway, I had such a rough week last week. First I got super sick, then I went for to apply to work in America through a company and they rejected me, so that was a fail.

Last week just sucked the fun right out of me, so I’ve been spending the last 3 days downloading unlimited music and Big Bang Theory episodes figuring out my next move.

I’ve also been philosophizing – is that a word? – about the fact that there are only 9 Mondays left this year and that I should probably make my list of New Years Resolutions.

So here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Lose weight the amount of a small baby giraffe
  • Make more Youtube videos
  • Actually own and drive a car (even though I’m scared for my life and the lives of others)
  • Go on holiday at the beach (as I haven’t even seen the beach in over 6 years)
  • Do more shoots with way more interesting themes
  • Get Liz Vicious, Jenna Marbles and Taylor Momsen to travel to SA and we can make baby bearodactyls – I wish
  • Start my own business (hopefully)
  • Own as many seasons of Supernatural, Big Bang Theory and Dexter as a person can possibly own without getting caught by the police for downloading.


So you see, I’m quite a simple person.

I just want the little things in life, that’s all – LOL!

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Tell me….

In the meantime enjoy The Pterodactyl Song to get my Bearodactyl joke!


***and youtube won’t let me post it here so click on the link***


Manic Monday: Flu, you suck butterfly balls…

Hey guys,

so I know I said I’ll be posting this tomorrow, but then I realized why I actually hate this flu more than Kim Kardashian’s face and that’s because I need to be better by tomorrow because I’ll be going to a really really important thing and it will determine my future… I can’t say much on here because of my stupid spies.. but believe me, it’s gonna be huge.

Yea this about sums me up…

Anyway so I asked my awesome peeps on Facebook for solutions to my snotty problem and that I wasn’t going to post today and here’s what they’ve said;

Paul East: I’m sorry you’re sick. Drink lots of Nyquil or just get straight up plastered and hopefully you’ll feel better when you wake up.

Kurt Zellner: Cherry i hope you get well soon take ur time post when you feel better no need to rush we only care ur feeling better 🙂

Shane A. Bridges: It’s all mental, all you have to do is make yourself believe a certain thing or object will help and it does.

Christian Baedorf: mix black tea with rum. you will sweat the flu out. or puke it out. 😉

Eliot Earle:  Lemsip and brandy. Get well soon!

Lilith Seaborne: A cup of hot rum and med lemon. Fixed my pneumonia in one day. Tastes like shit. Drink it before you sleep, because you will be wasted.

Christian Baedorf idk: if the brand “wick” is available in down there. they make “wick day med” for use through the day and “wick medi night” for sleeping time…….. thats not as hard as the rum therapy. 😀

Joseph Hanscom: hope u fell better i know the feeling.

Donavon Darkestwolf:  Brinton Honey and Fresh Lemon juice in a bit of hot black tea, or just search the net for the best possible home remedies

Andre Krige: Dear Cherry , I heard that a good cuddle and kisses from a sexi guy ;P ,, hope it helps;) hehe mwa hope u feel better soon

Xander de Beer: Weed…

I have to just say I love you guys! LOL!! You make me laugh and you are a bunch of useful nunus – hahaha!

So from what I can sum up is that I should have Nyquil, black tea, lots of rum, Med Lemon, Wick, Britton Honey, fresh lemon, Lemsip,  hugs and cuddles, believing I’ll get better and weed… Nice…

I’m gonna try a mixture of this all and let you guys know if I survive and if I’m better tomorrow. I’ve been drinking water all day, had chicken and mushroom Cup-O-Soup for lunch, drank about 2 or 3 cups of coffee and had a fizzy Viral’s Choice.

Now I gotta sort out some Rum and Weed and cuddles. LOL!

PS – Flu, you can suck my big toe, kthanksbye.

Have a fab Tuesday peeps, Tattoo Tuesday will be posted on Wednesday 7th of November.


WTF Wednesday: Horrifying Halloween Costumes


Cherry von Dagger wishing a Happy Halloween

Hope you’re all dressed up in your scariest costumes, ready for a day of trick or treating and scaring the crap out of little kids and old ladies alike.

I’ve decided to post a few pics of Halloween costumes gone wrong and ones that ARE just wrong!

Like I mentioned before, some people just look like they’ve fallen into a tub of paint and called it a “Halloween Costume”… bitch please! Effort is key. Even if it’s just a little bit.

SO here is Cherry von Dagger’s Halloween DON’Ts:

Please, please PLEEEEEASE don’t dress like this tonight. For your sake and for others. For the sake of humanity and for the children. Just don’t.

Have a happy Halloween and I hope you all get fat and fabulous from all the candy and booze!

Love y’all!


Manic Monday: Saving the world on Halloween

Good morning my cherries and daggers!

Hope the weekend was amazing and that all your Halloween parties were absolutely fantastic!

WELL everyone asked where I went, what I did and what I dressed up as, so here is your answer:

Me dressed up as Supergirl for Halloween

Obviously not a lot of effort was made, but since I ALWAYS go all out, I tried to be a little different this year!

Oh and as you noticed, I also went blonde…

Change is as good as a holiday, no?

Anyway, so Saturday I went and had my hair done, went home, got ready and off to The Doors in Edenvale we went.

The outfits and costumes I saw ranged from millions of Zombies, to scary clowns, to Poison Ivy, a few nuns, a guy with a massive skull head, Beetlejuice, The Joker, the Scream killer, a few transformers and some people that just looked like that fell in paint, but everyone looked all-round awesome!

Wednesday is officially Halloween, so there should be really cool outfits yet to come!

Send me your pics and I’ll post my favourites!

Happy Monday further peeps


WTF Wednesday: Dafuq should I wear for Halloween??

Good morning peeps!

So 2 days till the Halloween parties start! BUT Halloween itself is 6 days away. Not sure how you celebrate it where you live, but where I live it’s partay time on Saturday night!

This was me last year Halloween (2011), I was a Silent Hill zombie nurse

If you’re anything like me, you love dressing up because you’re awesome or, like in my case, sure that you are a drag queen that was lucky enough to get the body of a hot chick (lol).

So you’re like “Oh Cherry I dunno what to wear this Halloween and I don’t have much time, help me, help me!”, well fear not pretty little cherries and daggers, your queen is here to save you!

I’ve decided that I’m going to write a blog on 4 cool Halloween outfits I think you guys should dress up as, if you want to… and stuff:

Spongebob Squarepants (or some other Nickelodeon character):

About 2 years ago I met a guy at a party who dressed as Spongebob. He looked insanely awesome! Only thing with that and the venue we were in, is that it was hot as HELL and the poor dude couldn’t see where he was walking, it was a disaster, but it still looked insane. SO if you’re just there for the cash prize, go for it. If you’re aiming for comfort, stay away…

Edward Scissorhands (or another Tim Burton creation):

Another super awesome look is Edward (not the sparkly one), but also very uncomfortable if you’re planning on drinking. Also be sure to get rubber knives and shit, we don’t want anyone losing an eye because of your costume. Tim Burton Characters are also cool for chicks, like there’s the Corpse Bride, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

Disney Princesses (and other fairytale creatures):

In no way do I like Kim Kardashian, but this little ensemble is just too cute! I love all things Disney and fairy-tale like and being a Disney princess for a day is just awesome!! You can decide if you wanna sex it up or be conservative. The only thing with an outfit like that is that it’s gonna be expensive to hire.

Go as a household item or toiletry (like towels, tampons, an iron)

LOL, I would never!!! But some people have the balls to pull it off and they’re generally a hit at parties and people love them (especially if you’re sanitary items, of course). ALSO hot as hell, but hey, you’re just there for the best dressed award, aren’t ya?

It’s simple really.

  • If you wanna be sexy, do something sexy. Normally lingerie and a pair of ears does the job for most girls.
  • If you wanna be scary, do something scary. One of the scariest things I’ve seen is the butler from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also Frankenstein and if you wanna NOT stand out, zombies and mummies are good too.
  • Go to the nearest party shop in your area and browse the catalogues or browse the shelves, you’ll find shit from an Egyptian king to a Sailor girl.

Hope I helped in your quest for the PERFECT Halloween costume!

Love you guys!


Featured Friday: Cherry von Dagger

Hey peeps,

so like some people have been requesting that I answer some of the questions I’ve been asking my featured models, so I decided to be all vain and stuff and feature myself for once… so here goes haha!

Cherry von Dagger

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Height: Round about 5’1″, I still need to actually measure myself, but I’m super-dee-duper short!

Birthday: 31st December

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Hair: Naturally I’m a mousy brunette girl, at the moment I have pink and black hair

Ambitions: To have my own Alternative Modelling agency, to be a published author, to be a part-time makeup artist, to be a loving wife and mother.

Every girl needs: A fluffy dog to cuddle up to at night and a cat to teach her how work for real love

Food: Sushi (especially Salmon Roses – NOM!!!)

Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Tequila!!! But to sip on I like Savannah Light or Jack Daniels and Appletizer

Favourite Quote: I have many: “I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all” – Coco Chanel, “Imperfection is beauty, Madness is Genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe, “I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak. So I’ve been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I’m one of those people.” – John Lennon. Those are just a few I live by.

5 movies fav movies: Eurotrip, Burlesque, The Harry Potter Films, Avengers, The old Tim Burton Batman Films

Favourite Bands: The Pretty Reckless, Escape the Fate, Falling in Reverse, No Doubt, The Parlotones

Best TV Shows: Supernatural (BY FARRRR my favourite), Dexter, Spongebob Squarepants, Sex and the City, Cherry Goes to Paris (it’s not ever been made, but it would be my favourite if I had a show like that hehe)

3 must have items: Technology (in the form of a phone, laptop, Ipad), makeup and a good hair straightener

Favourite sports: Rugby (Springboks all the way!)

Dream car: I don’t drive and probably never will (haha!) but a Bugatti Veyron is the sexiest car in my opinion…

Favourite color: Red, black and pink. They should invent a colour with all 3 of those mixed and that would be my favourite colour.

Where can we find you (Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr)?

Facebook: and



Hope you guys like my answers!

Love ya long time