Tattoo Tuesday: The Joker and Scar Tats

Hey my sexies,

sorry about about the late post! The fudging public holiday on Monday (it was Heritage Day in South Africa) totally threw me off and now I’m 2 days late on everything.

So I was shopping yesterday when I saw a man with a big dog who happened to have one of THE COOLEST tattoos on his arm I have ever seen. I made it my soul goal to look for this little masterpiece and luckily I found a very similar copy to it:

The joker (and Scar from The Lion King), are probably the most badass villains in movie-villain history. Not only are they evil and awesome, but they look so good as tattoos!!

Check it out:

So I’ve decided that if I’m ever going to date a guy he should have one of these badass villains tattooed on him. And he should be rich and funny and beautiful… and a CEO… and drive an Audi… and his name should be Christian.

Just saying.

Have a fab rest of the day till I can figure out what to write for WTF Wednesday and Tribute Thursday!



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