Tattoo Tuesday: Lady Gaga tattoos

Helloooo my darlings!

Fandom tattoos. I’m not sure if I get them. I mean sure, I get getting a Metallica logo tattoo because they’ve been around for 70 million years and counting. I even get getting a Rolling Stone tattoo. But I don’t get a “Die Antwoord” tattoo or a Katy Perry one. That’s just me. Lady Gaga tattoos? I’m not sure of…

What do you guys think?

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday: Lady Gaga tattoos

  1. Her “quotes” are quite poor. Not sure I would inking them onto my skin.

    As for pictures of her etc. I still wouldn’t do it … in 10 years time you’ll look back on them and wonder why. I wouldn’t even get some of my favourite bands tattooed …

    A friend only gets his kids (and now grandkids) tattooed. My dad asked him why not his wife (they’ve been married 40 odd years). He replied “I can change my wife, but not my kids”. Bands are even more fraught with you maturing and changing your opinion.

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