Tattoo Tuesday: Some Shmexy Celebrity Ink

Hey my delicious Cherries and Daggers!

Here to make your Tuesday even more awesome (even if it isn’t lol), I’ve decided to add some of my favourite tats on celebrities.

Please do have as many eyegasms as you wish…

Not sure if it’s the tat or the girl wearing the tat, but Megan Fox’s side tattoo is to die for!

I LOVE Pete Wentz’s Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos of Jack and Sally! ♥

Ever since the Charmed days I was totally infatuated with the tattoo on Alyssa Milano’s neck! I want to eat it…

I love all Nicole Richie’s tattoos…

This webcamgirl has some seriaaaas ink! But my favourite is her head tat and her gills down her body… but I can’t show you that since it’s a bit X-rated

Johnny Depp IS the man! He just is. He has a skull and crossbones tattoo too. Your argument is invalid.

OK I’ll admit, it’s a shit tattoo. If anyone else had this tat, then this tat would be on a WTF Wednesday post, but because it’s on Angelina Jolie’s hip, it’s HAWT! And I know she’s a badass because getting a tattoo there is FKN sore!

Anyway, hope your Tuesday goes by quickly and that it doesn’t suck donkey balls!


Tattoo Tuesday: Cherry von Dagger’s Tattoos

Hey my Cherries and Daggers

So I thought I’d start my very first “Tattoo Tuesday” blog with my very own tats. Sure I don’t have many, in fact, I only have 2… but hey, humour me.

So, my first tattoo is the one on my hip of 2 Cherries. As a teenager I always wanted to get cherries on my inner arm to represent virginity, but I was working in retail at the time and couldn’t get a tattoo, unless it was covered 24/7, so I left it and finally got it a few years later on my hip after having a fight with my then-boyfriend and felt impulsive and angry (silly, I know, but I don’t regret getting it).

I was impulsive and a little scared to get a tattoo. I remember that I drove my little red Toyota Conquest RSI to the nearest shopping mall (one of my first times driving on my own, so I was nervous as hell), asked how much it would be and when they said it wouldn’t cost me too much, I had it done straight away, taking the first cherry design they had (after I fell in love with it), not thinking twice and having it done.

Then came the pain and Cherry thought she was going to DIE!!!

According to friends of mine, the hip is the most sore place to get a tattoo, but different people have different opinions on the matter. Anyway, needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be getting a tat on my hip again any time soon!

I got my second tattoo about 2 months ago. It is a lipstick-stained-kiss on my left wrist and I can GARRANTEE you, it was not half as sore as the tat on my hip! A good friend of mine took me to have it done and it looked like a Jay-Z tranny kissed my arm at the time, because it was hugely swollen, it’s all better now though, and looks super cute.

When people look at my tattoos, they ask me what’s the “deeper” meaning of my tattoos? Well, to be honest, I don’t have a “deeper” meaning to my tattoos, because unlike the girl who gets her great-granny tattood to her ankle, I want my tattoos to represent my personality and what makes me happy and to me, what makes me happy is pretty and feminine things.

Have an awesome Tattoo Tuesday my cherries and daggers!