Tribute Thursday: The Movie Legends of Halloween

Hey again my darlings!

Today I’m tributing, not the origin of Halloween itself – because there are so many twisted stories out there that I don’t wanna stand on any toes by doing so -, but the legends that have made Halloween what it is today and that’s the slashers of the big screen!

Do you know each one’s story?

Well, you’re lucky I’m here to tell it to you then!


Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray is a serial killer and does voodoo for fun and when a cop chases him to a toy store and shoots him, he does a voodoo ritual right before he dies and his soul gets transferred to a “Good Guy” doll, turning him into the cute and loveable little serial killer we all just wanna hug… awwww…


Jason Voorhees, the son of Pamela Voorhees, was born deformed. He lived with his mother at Camp Crystal Lake (his mother was the camp cook), in the city of Crystal Lake. Jason was bullied incessantly until, in 1957, he tried to prove to the bullies that he could swim and drowned in Crystal Lake… or so they think. Pamela kills a whole bunch of teens to avenge her son, only to get killed eventually. Then, Jason comes back (From living a life as a hillbilly? Chilling with monkeys like Tarzan?) fully grown and out to do what his mother did for him, kill teens. So Sweet.


Michael Myers was raised in the small, mid-west town of Haddonfield, Illinois. At age 6 Michael murdered his oldest sister, Judith, on Halloween night, because he is a crazy little shit. After being locked up in Smith’s Grove Mental Hospital, Michael (who’s now 21 years old) escapes on October 30. That night he tracks down his baby sister, Laurie Strode (who has been adopted and is oblivious to her violent roots) and proceeds to murder two of her friends. Throughout the entire Halloween series, it’s a cat and mouse game of Michael looking for Laurie, trying to kill her and Laurie trying to run away from him. Eventually he does kill her and he is nowhere to be seen again…


Personally I have no idea who this dude is. I’ve never watched the Hellraiser movies, but apparently Pinhead is the shit. Captain Elliott Spencer became the lead Cenobite (whatever that might be) in 1921 when he opened the Lament Configuration puzzle box. He originally comes to earth to harvest souls. Don’t know how this makes him a badass, but hey.


Freddy’s my favourite serial killer, so I’m going to give you his whole story:

In April 1941, a young girl was accidentally locked in the sanitarium of Westin Hills Psychiatric Institute in Springwood over the holidays. The inmates kept her hidden for days. She was raped… hundreds of times. When she was found, she was barely alive. That girl was Amanda Krueger, her child was Freddy – the bastard son of a hundred maniacs.

Frederick Charles Krueger was born in February 1942 and was shifted from one foster home to another throughout his childhood, learning nothing but torment and hatred along the way.

Called Freddy, he was constantly ridiculed for his infamous and brutal conception. It was then he started murdering small animals, and as he grew into adulthood, he turned his masochistic behavior on himself. After suffering abuse from his stepfather for many years, he brutally murdered him with a razor.

Freddy finally returned to his hometown of Springwood and was disgusted to see the picture of a perfect town, full of happy families in their tidy homes. With that jealousy and disgust building up inside him Freddy became one of the most notorious child-killers alive. Finding employment maintaining the boilers at an old steam-plant on the outskirts of town, Freddy would settle down and have a family of his own, all the time plotting his revenge upon life itself.

Whilst working in the plant he went on to construct the first of his imfamous 6 inch bladed gloves. Made from and old glove and four razor sharp blades that he attached to the glove with interlocking metal sections and rivets he began his killing spree, known as the Springfield Slasher. From 1975-1977 he kidnapped and murdered 23 children.

Freddy’s downfall came when his wife discovered the bladed glove and a multiple of newspaper clipping about the child murders in their basement. Despite her tearful assurances that she would not tell what she knew, the paranoid Freddy would go on to throttle his wife in front of his horrified daughter.

Soon afterwards, Freddy was arrested and charged with the murders of his wife and the missing children of the town. However, in their haste, the bungling officers forgot to read Freddy his rights, he was unexpectedly freed on a technicality.

Seeing the threat he posed, the court placed his daughter in an orphanage.

The enraged parents of Springwood, OH then took the law into their own hands. They followed Krueger to a building where he took his victims and ignited it with gasoline into a raging inferno. However, no one expected the end result of this act. Freddy’s soul was so corrupt that it was decided he could be of use to dream demons imprisoned in hell. When he was promised eternal life in the world of dreams, Freddy could hardly refuse. Ever since that night, Krueger has taken his revenge on the parents of Springwood by stalking their children through their dreams. Each time he is able to twist what would seem to be a normal dream into his own brutal imagination’s delight of terror. Some children have escaped thinking they have defeated him, only to have him rise again sometime later. There is only one documented case of Krueger meeting his match. While in hell, he was able to awaken Jason Voorhees, of Camp Crystal Lake infamy. Freddy was then able to use Jason to strike fear into the kids of Elm Street. This plan backfired when the masked killer could not be shut down. This led to a big confrontation both in the dream and real world. Freddy still lingers in the pits of hell with no indication if or when he will return.

Hope you enjoyed my tribute to the greatest Slashers of all time!

Happy Thursday


WTF Wednesday: Scary Movies, are they still scary?

Heya my awesome c’s and d’s!

So, when I was a kid, I used to watch movies like Scream with one of my sisters. We watched it a lot and knew every word to every scene, kind of like normal kids at that age who used to watch, oh I dunno… Titanic or… The Lion King (which I also know every word to, thank you very much!).

Anyway, it was awesome, we watched movies that other kids weren’t allowed to watch and we watched the shit out of em! My sis (who is 6 years older than me) didn’t seem scared and I swallowed hard and at 6 or 7 years old, enjoyed the movies like it totally was my thing. So basically we turned out perfect and neither of us have gutted anyone like fishes, so that’s cool.

What did use to scare me though, were movies like Chucky and Candyman (omg I actually had a nightmare about Candyman!), but then some years passed and all slasher films and horrors had no effect on me anymore, almost washing over me like water off a duck’s back. I got bored and stopped watching all-together.

One day I decided to watch another slasher called Jennifer’s Body. What a terrible movie to start with! Although it was somewhat of a mini porno, it was definitely not a scary film. The dialogue also had this grammar nazi in fits.

More years passed and eventually I came across Paranormal Activity, which didn’t scare me until I needed the bathroom after the movie. I slowly started watching “so-called” scary movies again. Movies like Wrong Turn, Saw and that other hillbilly movie (forgot the name), freaked me out, no doubt, but it was more… Disturbing than scary, right?

A few nights ago though, after a recommendation from my sister, I watched The Devil Inside, a truly terrifying exorcism movie that had that Blair Witch Project feel mixed with The Exorcist on hectic meds all rolled into one.

After the movie though, I thought to myself, how did our world become so insanely twisted in such a short time?
Just 30 years ago the movie Jaws was the scariest thing people had seen and were too afraid to go to the beach, yet when I watched Jaws, I laughed myself silly at the music and ridiculous acting. Now to get people scared, movie makers need to pull out all the stops, bringing in the documentary-type filming mixed with next generation exorcism and special effects that make a woman look like she can morph her limbs into a human frying-pan and still most of us don’t find that scary enough. Like me. Yes I do realize I’m a sick individual.

Which makes me wonder, what are films going to be like in 30 years from now?
Makes you wonder.

Have a fab Wednesday peeps