Manic Monday: Gay Pride and Photoshoot fun

Ola my cherries and daggers!

What a dominating weekend it was! Hope yours was as kick-ass as mine was!

To give you a brief, I’ve gone from drinks with my 2 best friends to a crazy gay pride march to a photoshoot with a hot 16 year old girl and unbelievably I woke up this morning at 5.30am – damn impressive if you ask me!

Friday – Me and my sister rush off to pick up my bestest BFF in the whole world – Madame Lady Tay – where we sit and talk shite over vodka and lime shots after not seeing one another for over 4 months. We then get picked up by my best guy buddy JJ, rush off to News Cafe, have really yummy cocktails, dance to The Loca People’s What the F*ck and be merry. We get home drunk, chill with my family, bath and pass out.

Saturday – 6am we woke up and got ready. My dearest Lady Tay dressed as an angel with a shirt that said:

I dressed as a Burlesque girl in my red corset and tutu and (being a makeup artist in training) drew some really cool leopard spots down my face and coloured them the colours of the gay flag:

Anyway, off we went with my beautiful sisters and my gorgeous gay and lesbian buddies to go support gay rights!

Of course the march was exhausting, but fun as HELL!! Dancing to It’s Raining Men, Gaying out to Gaga and drinking Play Energy drinks and begging for water – nothing could have been funner! And like one person said; “If heaven ain’t like this, I’m not going!”

Love it!

Anyway, after a long day of being at the parade, I basically dropped dead on my bed, only to be rudely awoken by my alarm clock on Sunday morning at 9am where I got ready for my next adventure – Photoshoot with Sinforme Industries and Nixx Everleigh Drew!

Nixx Everleigh Drew

They were definitely two of the most fun and open-minded people I’ve ever worked with and were simply awesome about everything!!!

More pics to follow soon!

Have an awesomeballs Monday!!










Manic Monday: 11 Days till Gay Pride

Hey peeps, yes again little Cherry is late with her Manic Monday.

I’ve been having a blue Monday over here and a bad case of Blogger’s Block, so yea… anyway here I am now and thanks to some of my fans on Facebook, I’ve decided to write a blog about LGTB people and how amazing I think they are.

Firstly, I grew up in a very conservative Christian household, but I also grew up with an amazing sister who happens to be a lesbian and the fact that she prefers women to men has not made me love her any less and doesn’t make her a different person, it makes her her.

Nothing in the world makes me grind my teeth like people who protest against gay marriage either, siting that God doesn’t want it that way. Let me ask you this; if you’re on a diet, are you going to fight with someone else for eating chocolate cake? No, because it’s their choice, not yours, so why should companionship be any different?

I believe everybody should be with somebody that makes them happy and if it happens to be a person of the same gender, then so be it!

Me myself am not gay, but I have lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered friends who I love dearly and wouldn’t trade them for the world and on the 6th of October 2012 I’m going to join them in the march for Gay Rights at the Joburg Pride Parade.

It’s going to start at 8am at the Zoo Lake Sports Club and it ends at 11am.

If you’re in or around the city of Johannesburg on that day, please get your dress-up on and come march for Gay rights too, whether you’re gay or not!

Hope I’ll see you there