Manic Monday: Flu, you suck butterfly balls…

Hey guys,

so I know I said I’ll be posting this tomorrow, but then I realized why I actually hate this flu more than Kim Kardashian’s face and that’s because I need to be better by tomorrow because I’ll be going to a really really important thing and it will determine my future… I can’t say much on here because of my stupid spies.. but believe me, it’s gonna be huge.

Yea this about sums me up…

Anyway so I asked my awesome peeps on Facebook for solutions to my snotty problem and that I wasn’t going to post today and here’s what they’ve said;

Paul East: I’m sorry you’re sick. Drink lots of Nyquil or just get straight up plastered and hopefully you’ll feel better when you wake up.

Kurt Zellner: Cherry i hope you get well soon take ur time post when you feel better no need to rush we only care ur feeling better 🙂

Shane A. Bridges: It’s all mental, all you have to do is make yourself believe a certain thing or object will help and it does.

Christian Baedorf: mix black tea with rum. you will sweat the flu out. or puke it out. 😉

Eliot Earle:  Lemsip and brandy. Get well soon!

Lilith Seaborne: A cup of hot rum and med lemon. Fixed my pneumonia in one day. Tastes like shit. Drink it before you sleep, because you will be wasted.

Christian Baedorf idk: if the brand “wick” is available in down there. they make “wick day med” for use through the day and “wick medi night” for sleeping time…….. thats not as hard as the rum therapy. 😀

Joseph Hanscom: hope u fell better i know the feeling.

Donavon Darkestwolf:  Brinton Honey and Fresh Lemon juice in a bit of hot black tea, or just search the net for the best possible home remedies

Andre Krige: Dear Cherry , I heard that a good cuddle and kisses from a sexi guy ;P ,, hope it helps;) hehe mwa hope u feel better soon

Xander de Beer: Weed…

I have to just say I love you guys! LOL!! You make me laugh and you are a bunch of useful nunus – hahaha!

So from what I can sum up is that I should have Nyquil, black tea, lots of rum, Med Lemon, Wick, Britton Honey, fresh lemon, Lemsip,  hugs and cuddles, believing I’ll get better and weed… Nice…

I’m gonna try a mixture of this all and let you guys know if I survive and if I’m better tomorrow. I’ve been drinking water all day, had chicken and mushroom Cup-O-Soup for lunch, drank about 2 or 3 cups of coffee and had a fizzy Viral’s Choice.

Now I gotta sort out some Rum and Weed and cuddles. LOL!

PS – Flu, you can suck my big toe, kthanksbye.

Have a fab Tuesday peeps, Tattoo Tuesday will be posted on Wednesday 7th of November.


WTF Wednesday: Tristan Barker – the Nicki Minaj Slammer

Hey my little devils!

So, I’m not going to say anything, I’m going to let the post do the talking for me…

(Tried pasting it as a picture on here but you can barely make out what it says, so just click on the link)

If you can’t open the link, this is what Mr T Barker has written on Nicki Minaj’s facebook fanpage wall:

Hello Ms. Nicki Minaj.
This post may or may not reach you, but it’s the best I can do. I don’t care that you disrespected anyone’s religion in your song. I don’t come to you respectfully, as I don’t think you even deserve to be treated with basic sincerity. I just wanted to say that all of your music in general is completely shit and your image is cancerous to this earth. Your image, your music, and your overall being all are perfect examples of talentless shit. It makes me want to punch my cat in the face every time I hear your music or your name. It makes me want to burn down nursing homes and hospitals when I see how many brainless teenage girls you have corrupted. 

The fact that you have been allowed to become a figure of influence or mild power makes me question if this is reality or if our entire world is a sick joke. To anyone reading this that is a fan of Nicki Minaj, please get yourself checked for mental illnesses/sexually transmitted diseases because we all know you have to be at least mildly retarded to listen to her music, and it has been proven possible to contract aids from watching any of her music videos. Nicki Minaj, I ask for the good of humanity that you please exile yourself from civilization. Please also take Lil Wayne with you, and Drake too if that’s okay. 

From someone who genuinely would treat a piece of dog shit with more respect than you,
Tristan Barker.

Never Pause a Nicki Minaj Music Video

All I have to say is, Mr Tristan Barker, you are a legend.

The post has reached over 650 000 so far.

I’m sure many of us have this opinion on Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne’s music, but just haven’t thought about posting something like that.

I, for one, would never have the balls to.

Tupac must be turning in his grave

I do have to admit that I like Nicki Minaj though, shoot me. I should probably go for an AIDS test then. Oh gawd.

Anyway my lovelies, have an awesome day and be sure to like Tristan Barker’s page on facebook!



Manic Monday: A New Daily Blog by CvD

Hey Cherries and Daggers!

So, I’ve taken the liberty of making a new and improved blog about me and my life and happenings and shit that you could read from and be happy you’re not as bat-shit crazy as I am. Aren’t I just the nicest?

CvD pulling a quack quack

Well, first thing’s first.

I’m going to label my blogs into 5 categories.

  • Manic Monday
  • Tattoo Tuesday
  • WTF Wednesday
  • Tribute Thursday
  • Featured Friday

Manic Monday:

On this day I’m going to tell you blog about anything and everything, this is going to be my day of ranting, raving, fucking out, screaming, talking shit, telling you about my weekend, telling you about what retarded or awesome people I’ve met and maybe even occasionally post a video or two and just generally go very apeshit.

Tattoo Tuesday:

This is the day I post some of my favourite tattoos that I’ve found on the internet, celeb tats, stupid tats, pathetic tats, funny tats, creative tats or just tats I find interesting in general, because I love tattoos.

WTF Wednesday:

WTF Wednesday is going to be my “Did you know” day. I’ll post random facts of shit you wish you didn’t know, or did, or things you could find useful, or not. Maybe I’ll even post about things I just don’t get and maybe you could give me an explanation about it. Like why was 80’s music so good, but the music videos sucked? How the hell does a camera actually work? Who do you thank when it’s Friday if you’re an athiest?

Tribute Thursday:

This day will be about bands, actors, singers, internet personalities, models, people I admire in general and think are epicness personified. I’ll tell you about them and why I think they’re so awesome they make the sun shine for me.

and lastly:

Featured Friday:

On Fridays I’ll feature a different alternative model, giving you a little bio about them and some pictures and their facebook and twitter details so you could be their fans also!

Well, that’s my random thoughts on a Monday so far!

Hope you have a kickass day further