Tattoo Tuesday: 3 Dumbest Places to Get Tattoos

Hey guys and girls!

So you may agree, you may disagree, but I think some people are just really silly to get tattoos where some people get tattoos, you know what I’m saying?

I mean, if your body is covered in ink, then to get one on your boob is cool because you’ve got a theme going on, you know? But if you get a picture of a dolphin alone on one titty, you’re gonna have a bad time when your dolphin turns into a grandma whale when you’re ancient.

Places you should never get a tattoo:

1. Boobs or Moobs:

I’m not even sure if I should censor the above pic or not because of the excess amount of boob I’m not sure if this is a man or a woman. Anyway, do you see how NOT SEXY this is?

Sure it looks hot now… but when they sag? Here’s hoping she tats her whole body…

2. Under-foot tattoo:

I’m sorry, but WHY? Why would you put yourself through that torture and NOBODY will see it unless you physically kick them in the face??

So if he steps in poo, will it qualify as Hot Shit?

3. Ass and Ass Cheek Tats:

I’d post these but I think I might get into trouble. Just google them. I want to say that I feel very sorry for tattoo artists world-wide because not only to you see and smell what they had for lunch, your work will most likely not even be seen.

SO hopefully I’ve convinced you to not get one any of the above places, but hey, it’s your prerogative.

Meanwhile, enjoy this sexual (NOT) video of this girl getting her a-hole tattood. Again, this is not safe for passers-by so please don’t watch it at work. Or near your children. Or dog. LOL!


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