Featured Friday: Astoria Snow

Hey my lovely cherries and daggers,

the weekend is upon us again and I’m here to introduce you to yet another GORGEOUS alternative model…. the decadent, the delicious

Astoria Snow

Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK
Height: 5’6
Birthday: 25 March
Eyes: Green
Hair: Currently red. Will be purple, green and blue as of October 3rd!! Naturally I’m a chocolate hue.

Ambitions: Be on the cover of FRONT magazine, have my own calendar selling in stores, becoming a SuicideGirl, owning an animal sanctuary and running it as a full-time job.
Every girl needs: Love, sex, confidence and a killer smile!
Favourtie Food: Something italian, or a good vegetarian salad!
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Disaronno on the rocks
Favourite Quote: “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away”

5 favourite movies: hmmmm…one of the Transporter films any one, I’m not picky! Red Riding Hood. The Dark Knight. Zombieland. The Reaping.
Favourite Bands: Black Stone Cherry, Buckcherry, Skindred and Pendulum
Best TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, American Dad, Family Guy, The Secret Circle, The Simpsons.

3 must have items: A music player, a good mascara and a furry companiom.
Favourite sports: Cheerleading, Rugby, American Football, Cross Country Riding, Show Jumping.
Dream car: Convertible Audi R8
Favourite color: Turquoise/jade blue

Where can we find you (Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr)?
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Astoria-Snow-SG-Hopeful/137873776334841?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AstoriaSnow
SuicideGirls: http://suicidegirls.com/members/Astoria_/

Have a fabulous weekend!


Featured Friday: Lilith Seaborne

Good morning my cherries and daggers!

Hope you’re all doing well?

Today I’m featuring a very beautiful and very sweet girl who also happens to be one of my featured models on my site http://www.cherryvondagger.weebly.com.


Lilith Seaborne

Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Height: 1,67m
Birthday: 10 January 1989
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red

Ambitions: To make a great life for my daughter
Every girl needs: Hmm not sure about this one, since I don’t really do the girly things… Pants?
Favourtie Food: Chicken!!!!
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Vodka
Favourite Quote: “A mental mind-fuck can be nice” – Frank Furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
5 movies fav movies:
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Repo: The Genetic Opera
Interview with a Vampire
Moulin Rouge
Queen of the Damned

Favourite Bands: My absolute favourite local band at the moment is Lonehill Estate. Brilliant!
Best TV Shows: SpongeBob SquarePants for the wiiiiin!
3 must have items:
Boyfriend 😛

Favourite sports: Absolutely none
Dream car: Ford Capri
Favourite color: Red

Where can we find you (Facebook/Twitter/­Tumblr)? Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Lilith/109677355731149
Website: http://lilithseaborne.webs.com

Have a lovely weekend my darlings!


Featured Friday: Psychara

Hey my cherries and daggers,
I hope you’re ready for the weekend!

Today’s Featured Friday is an export all the way from Holland, gorgeous, awesome and incredibly funny!


Location: Zaandam, which is close to Amsterdam, in le Netherlands.
Height: Shit, I only know this one in cm’s, as we roll with cm’s.. Which is 165 cm. Not very tall, but I guess avarage in America gasp Dutchies are the tallest people in the world. c: Except for me.. Hehe.
Birthday: 26th of May! 1992 which makes me 20 y/o.
Eyes: 2. And blue.
Hair: Naturally dark brown. But I dye it 50% black and 50% white. With an undercut.

Ambitions: To become happy. I still dunno what I want as a future job and stuff, so stupid.. But I need to become old, healthy and happy with alot of friends and cats. And a husband maybe. But I’ll see about that part.
Every girl needs: Chocolate. And tampons so now and then.
Favourtie Food: Mushroom-soup, pizza (with mushrooms) anddddddd my mom’s nasi. You know, that Chinese food?! My mom ain’t Chinese, but she makes incredibly nasi.
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Blue curacao! Makes your shit green, bahaha! Oh and I recently discovered Malibu Pear shit. OMG. It’s sooo good. I hate Malibu but that is just incredible.

Favourite Quote: FUCK. No, that’s no quote. Idk no quote!
5 movies fav movies: Hmmm, horror movies. I LOVE Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, but I’m also a huge Alien fan. And District 9 was awesome. And Secret Window. c: And just every movie where someone’s eyeball pops and there’s blood everywhere!

Favourite Bands: I’m a huge -oldskool- Korn fan! And I like Rob Zombie, Tool, Angelspit and Lady Gaga. c: idk if those are my faves, well, Korn is. Their new shit sucks buttholes, tho. frown
Best TV Shows: On teevee? Hmm, Scrubs! And Family Guy. Adventure Time. But I download the best: Dexter, Vampire Diaries, True Blood (season 4 was stoopid tho) and the Walking Dead!
3 must have items: Platform shoes. Mp3 player. Pizza.
Favourite sports: I don’t really do sports, but I run every week atleast twice.
Dream car: That Lamborghini batman-ish car. Just because it doesn’t look like a car. But a bug.
Favourite color: Green! Or Purple? Both.

Where can we find you (Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr)?

Hope you had as much fun reading that as I did!

Have an awesome Friday peeps!


WTF Wednesday: Scary Movies, are they still scary?

Heya my awesome c’s and d’s!

So, when I was a kid, I used to watch movies like Scream with one of my sisters. We watched it a lot and knew every word to every scene, kind of like normal kids at that age who used to watch, oh I dunno… Titanic or… The Lion King (which I also know every word to, thank you very much!).

Anyway, it was awesome, we watched movies that other kids weren’t allowed to watch and we watched the shit out of em! My sis (who is 6 years older than me) didn’t seem scared and I swallowed hard and at 6 or 7 years old, enjoyed the movies like it totally was my thing. So basically we turned out perfect and neither of us have gutted anyone like fishes, so that’s cool.

What did use to scare me though, were movies like Chucky and Candyman (omg I actually had a nightmare about Candyman!), but then some years passed and all slasher films and horrors had no effect on me anymore, almost washing over me like water off a duck’s back. I got bored and stopped watching all-together.

One day I decided to watch another slasher called Jennifer’s Body. What a terrible movie to start with! Although it was somewhat of a mini porno, it was definitely not a scary film. The dialogue also had this grammar nazi in fits.

More years passed and eventually I came across Paranormal Activity, which didn’t scare me until I needed the bathroom after the movie. I slowly started watching “so-called” scary movies again. Movies like Wrong Turn, Saw and that other hillbilly movie (forgot the name), freaked me out, no doubt, but it was more… Disturbing than scary, right?

A few nights ago though, after a recommendation from my sister, I watched The Devil Inside, a truly terrifying exorcism movie that had that Blair Witch Project feel mixed with The Exorcist on hectic meds all rolled into one.

After the movie though, I thought to myself, how did our world become so insanely twisted in such a short time?
Just 30 years ago the movie Jaws was the scariest thing people had seen and were too afraid to go to the beach, yet when I watched Jaws, I laughed myself silly at the music and ridiculous acting. Now to get people scared, movie makers need to pull out all the stops, bringing in the documentary-type filming mixed with next generation exorcism and special effects that make a woman look like she can morph her limbs into a human frying-pan and still most of us don’t find that scary enough. Like me. Yes I do realize I’m a sick individual.

Which makes me wonder, what are films going to be like in 30 years from now?
Makes you wonder.

Have a fab Wednesday peeps

Tattoo Tuesday: Tats Make Girls Prettier

Good Tuesday Morning my cherries and daggers

Hope you’re ready for yet another eyegasm because here come some sexy chicks with tats for your viewing pleasure…

Happy Tuesday Peeps!