Tattoo Tuesday: BAD Tattoo Fails

Hey my darling cherries and daggers!

Imagine sitting in the chair at the tattoo parlour. You have the picture of your late and great grandma in your hand. You smile sweetly at the tattoo artist and he says he can do it. Turns out he can’t, but obviously you don’t know this until he’s done and you have a massive Michael Jackson-looking piece of artwork on your body.

Check out some of these HECTIC tattoo fails and either laugh or cry at the people who got them:

Drawn by a 5 year old with an ink gun – Here’s an idea, DON’T let your kids near one

Did you mean Nothing Lasts Forever? That tattoo sure is going to last forever buddy…

I have no words…

Your, You’re… I can’t stretch this enough

NO…. Just…no…

I think I just vomited a little in my mouth

That’s deep

Since when is Clint Eastwood red?


Hmm I’ll try… O.o

So here’s a little motto to live by:

THINK before you INK!

Have an awesome Tuesday


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