WTF Wednesday: Accents

Good morning my lovely cherries and daggers!

So I’ve had a couple of people ask me why, if I’m South African, do I have an American-sounding accent. Some people tell me it’s bullshit and that I don’t have one and others tell me I do. I personally don’t think I have one, but hey, not everyone can be wrong.

But it had me thinking, don’t we all have accents?

Just because mine isn’t the same as the guy in District 9’s or the people in Die Antwoord’s, doesn’t mean I’m not proudly South African, it’s just because I grew up among people who didn’t necessarily speak with thick Afrikaans accents.

On my dad’s side of the family we had the typical Afrikaans people who loved their brandy, Kurt Darren music and loved to “sokkie” while speaking pure Afrikaans (and despite my English accent – or American – I speak Afrikaans fluently) and on my mom’s side we had the very posh, English and Scottish people who loved their tea (lol).

I’ve also grown to love a lot of people who are involved in The Arts, people who naturally seem to speak with an accent. So yes, at the end of the day my accent probably doesn’t sound 100% South African, but what is that anyway? We’re a multi-cultured, multi-raced, multi-personality rainbow nation going on around here!

Well here’s an example of what most people classify as a South African accent, so enjoy:

If you wanna hear my accent, check out my youtube page here:

Have a fabulous Wednesday!