WTF Wednesday: Dafuq should I wear for Halloween??

Good morning peeps!

So 2 days till the Halloween parties start! BUT Halloween itself is 6 days away. Not sure how you celebrate it where you live, but where I live it’s partay time on Saturday night!

This was me last year Halloween (2011), I was a Silent Hill zombie nurse

If you’re anything like me, you love dressing up because you’re awesome or, like in my case, sure that you are a drag queen that was lucky enough to get the body of a hot chick (lol).

So you’re like “Oh Cherry I dunno what to wear this Halloween and I don’t have much time, help me, help me!”, well fear not pretty little cherries and daggers, your queen is here to save you!

I’ve decided that I’m going to write a blog on 4 cool Halloween outfits I think you guys should dress up as, if you want to… and stuff:

Spongebob Squarepants (or some other Nickelodeon character):

About 2 years ago I met a guy at a party who dressed as Spongebob. He looked insanely awesome! Only thing with that and the venue we were in, is that it was hot as HELL and the poor dude couldn’t see where he was walking, it was a disaster, but it still looked insane. SO if you’re just there for the cash prize, go for it. If you’re aiming for comfort, stay away…

Edward Scissorhands (or another Tim Burton creation):

Another super awesome look is Edward (not the sparkly one), but also very uncomfortable if you’re planning on drinking. Also be sure to get rubber knives and shit, we don’t want anyone losing an eye because of your costume. Tim Burton Characters are also cool for chicks, like there’s the Corpse Bride, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

Disney Princesses (and other fairytale creatures):

In no way do I like Kim Kardashian, but this little ensemble is just too cute! I love all things Disney and fairy-tale like and being a Disney princess for a day is just awesome!! You can decide if you wanna sex it up or be conservative. The only thing with an outfit like that is that it’s gonna be expensive to hire.

Go as a household item or toiletry (like towels, tampons, an iron)

LOL, I would never!!! But some people have the balls to pull it off and they’re generally a hit at parties and people love them (especially if you’re sanitary items, of course). ALSO hot as hell, but hey, you’re just there for the best dressed award, aren’t ya?

It’s simple really.

  • If you wanna be sexy, do something sexy. Normally lingerie and a pair of ears does the job for most girls.
  • If you wanna be scary, do something scary. One of the scariest things I’ve seen is the butler from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also Frankenstein and if you wanna NOT stand out, zombies and mummies are good too.
  • Go to the nearest party shop in your area and browse the catalogues or browse the shelves, you’ll find shit from an Egyptian king to a Sailor girl.

Hope I helped in your quest for the PERFECT Halloween costume!

Love you guys!