Tattoo Tuesday: Couple Tattoos – Yay or Nay?

Hey my awesome blog followers!

So, today’s Tattoo Tuesday blog is about couples getting each other’s names tattoo’d on their bodies. What possesses them to do it? Have you done it? What is the obsession people have with it? And why, even after seeing so many relationships getting (dare I say it?) “cursed” from getting these tats, do people do it?

Now, tats have been around since almost the beginning of time, but couple tattoos only became popular once it was westernized in the 1900’s.

Ok, so my dad got a tattoo of my mom’s name on his arm when he was in the army and 700 years later (just kidding dad!), he still doesn’t regret getting it, but what about those couples that don’t make the “700 years together” mark? Like Angelina Jolie getting Billy Bob’s name on her arm, or Johnny Depp changing his “Winona Forever” tat to the dumb “Wino Forever” after he and Winona Ryder broke up.

Other couples opt for something a little more subtle like matching tattoos, like Britney and K-Fed getting matching dice.

So, my 2 cents?
In a world where divorce is as normal as changing dentists, I wouldn’t recommend getting your high school crush’s name tattoo’d on your inner thigh, just in case. I mean, it was perfectly normal back in 1975 when all the teens were getting married at 17 and (most) stayed together till their dying day and I don’t care how optimistic you might be about your relationship, if you’re at all realistic, you will stay away from these “lovey dovey” tattoos! But hey, that’s just me.

If you have had them done though, send me a picture, I’d love to see them!

Anyway Happy Tuesday!