Manic Monday: My Top 5 Favourite Comedians

Hey peeps! So I haven’t forgotten about you, WordPress’s website’s been acting like a pissy-sissy little bitch the past few days, so found it difficult to blog.
Anyway, hope you all missed me shitloads as I’ve missed you!

Today I’ve decided to surprise y’all with my top 5 favourite comedians of ALL time, check them out:

5. Lee Evans

He looks like a little monkey and even acts like one, the hyperactive Brit’s a comedic genius and even looks like the kid on the MAD Magazine… or is that just me?

4. Adam Ferrara

The first time I saw the Italian New Yorker was on a friend’s pc and I could literally not stop crying from laughter even after the clip stopped, this guy is SO funny!

3. Russell Peters

Russel’s a Canadian Indian guy and his accents and jokes on different cultures is funny as hell! Even though I haven’t seen him stand up yet, friends of mine have said he’s the funniest guy they’ve ever seen.

2. Jimmy Carr

Jimmy’s not for the faint-hearted at all! He makes one-liner jokes with the sole purpose to offend you as much as you can possibly be offended and if that’s not your cup of tea, then this Brit is probably not for you… I LOVE him though!

AND my favourite:

1. Trevor Noah

Trevor’s a South African comedian, born of a white father and black mother, which was obviously taboo back when he was a kid, so he has experience with both the white and black side of South African society. His show is awesome for me because I can relate to a lot of stuff he says, as most South Africans can. Last weekend I went to see a show of his and nearly died of laughter. I hope some of you who aren’t from South Africa can enjoy his humour as I do!

So, as you can see, I have a very diverse sense of humour and I’m sure you’ll all find something here you guys like and don’t like.

Know of a comedian I should know about? Let me know!

Have an awesome Monday!