Manic Monday: Gay Pride and Photoshoot fun

Ola my cherries and daggers!

What a dominating weekend it was! Hope yours was as kick-ass as mine was!

To give you a brief, I’ve gone from drinks with my 2 best friends to a crazy gay pride march to a photoshoot with a hot 16 year old girl and unbelievably I woke up this morning at 5.30am – damn impressive if you ask me!

Friday – Me and my sister rush off to pick up my bestest BFF in the whole world – Madame Lady Tay – where we sit and talk shite over vodka and lime shots after not seeing one another for over 4 months. We then get picked up by my best guy buddy JJ, rush off to News Cafe, have really yummy cocktails, dance to The Loca People’s What the F*ck and be merry. We get home drunk, chill with my family, bath and pass out.

Saturday – 6am we woke up and got ready. My dearest Lady Tay dressed as an angel with a shirt that said:

I dressed as a Burlesque girl in my red corset and tutu and (being a makeup artist in training) drew some really cool leopard spots down my face and coloured them the colours of the gay flag:

Anyway, off we went with my beautiful sisters and my gorgeous gay and lesbian buddies to go support gay rights!

Of course the march was exhausting, but fun as HELL!! Dancing to It’s Raining Men, Gaying out to Gaga and drinking Play Energy drinks and begging for water – nothing could have been funner! And like one person said; “If heaven ain’t like this, I’m not going!”

Love it!

Anyway, after a long day of being at the parade, I basically dropped dead on my bed, only to be rudely awoken by my alarm clock on Sunday morning at 9am where I got ready for my next adventure – Photoshoot with Sinforme Industries and Nixx Everleigh Drew!

Nixx Everleigh Drew

They were definitely two of the most fun and open-minded people I’ve ever worked with and were simply awesome about everything!!!

More pics to follow soon!

Have an awesomeballs Monday!!










Manic Monday: Stepping in Doggie Shite

Good morning my cherries and daggers

Hope you’ve had a better start to your Monday than me.

I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off and just lay in my bed hoping that I’d somehow  fall asleep and it would feel like I’m well-rested when my alarm eventually went off. Well, it didn’t work that way and in actual fact I had just fallen asleep again when the alarm decided to scream at me.

I got out of bed and thankfully had a lovely hair day. I had my coffee and got dressed and as soon as I walked out of the front door, I stepped into a mushy pile of doggy-doo on the front step. Thanks Bubbles.

I’m sure Bubbles had an evil little smirk under her fluffy white Maltese fur this morning, but since I love her so much, I’ll let it slide this time.

So anyway, I had nothing to write today as my weekend was pretty uneventful so I compiled a little fact and fiction list I had found on about dog poo myths.

That’s just how I roll:

FICTION: Dog poo is a good fertilizer! Wrong! Dog poo is completely toxic to your lawn. Often times it will burn or even discolor your grass. This misconception is highly confused with cow manure, which could be beneficial to one’s lawn.

FACT: Dog poo is bad for the environment! Under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pet waste is classified as a dangerous pollutant which falls into the same category as toxic chemicals and oil. Yes, your dogs poo is just as dangerous as those deadly gases.

FICTION: Dog poo will go away! Many dog owners think that dog poop will eventually fade into the ground and go away. Due to weather conditions, dog poo does clean itself up but it’s lasting effects don’t go away. Did you know that pet waste can spread parasites such as hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salonella?Yes, the poop will disappear from your yard but the parasite eggs can linger for YEARS!

FACT: Not picking up dog poo at an apartment or residential community can result in a fine or eviction! Your neighbors don’t want to smell your dog’s poop, and they definitely don’t want to have those moments when they accidentally step in it. Your dog’s poo plays a large role in your community. Often times there are other dogs living in the surrounding areas that are effected from dog poo. When walking your dog, be sure to clean up after them. Dog poop has TONS of bacteria that may cause diseases that are particularly prone to children.

But they’re so adorable that we just can’t stay mad at them for leaving their shite right where we can step in it, so we just wash our shoes and move on with our lives.

Anyway have an aweome Monday peeps!


WTF Wednesday: Accents

Good morning my lovely cherries and daggers!

So I’ve had a couple of people ask me why, if I’m South African, do I have an American-sounding accent. Some people tell me it’s bullshit and that I don’t have one and others tell me I do. I personally don’t think I have one, but hey, not everyone can be wrong.

But it had me thinking, don’t we all have accents?

Just because mine isn’t the same as the guy in District 9’s or the people in Die Antwoord’s, doesn’t mean I’m not proudly South African, it’s just because I grew up among people who didn’t necessarily speak with thick Afrikaans accents.

On my dad’s side of the family we had the typical Afrikaans people who loved their brandy, Kurt Darren music and loved to “sokkie” while speaking pure Afrikaans (and despite my English accent – or American – I speak Afrikaans fluently) and on my mom’s side we had the very posh, English and Scottish people who loved their tea (lol).

I’ve also grown to love a lot of people who are involved in The Arts, people who naturally seem to speak with an accent. So yes, at the end of the day my accent probably doesn’t sound 100% South African, but what is that anyway? We’re a multi-cultured, multi-raced, multi-personality rainbow nation going on around here!

Well here’s an example of what most people classify as a South African accent, so enjoy:

If you wanna hear my accent, check out my youtube page here:

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


Manic Monday: Holiday for Cherrypie

Gooden Morgen to all my cherries and daggers!

So, I’m writing this blog way in advance to let you guys know that Cherry will be AWOL for the next week as I’ll be holidaying it up in the middle of nowhere (aka the countryside), so if I happen to go missing after that then you will know to find my body in a secluded place in the middle of NOWHERE, probably partying it up with Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel and Eustace.

*le badly photoshopped Cherry in the middle of Nowhere

Anyway, so my sister and confidant Ivonna Muffleday (@I_Muffleday on twitter) will be posting these on my behalf, because she’s awesome like that. I will, however, still be replying to tweets on twitter when I get a chance (and if you don’t know already, I’m @cherryvondagger on twitter).

So don’t miss me too much and have an awesome week and if life gets a lil lonely, check out some of my videos on youtube and my website

Otherwise check out Jenna Marbles, she’s way cooler than me.

Or Liz Vicious.

Or Die Antwoord.

Or go on – but remember that 9gag steals your soul and you will forever be imprisoned. Just saying.



Manic Monday: Pink Alert!

Good Monday Morning my stunning Cherries and Daggers!

Hope you all had a stunning weekend!

My weekend was awesome and although I didn’t have time to do the Cinnamon Challenge (Sowy!), I did have time to have my hair made into a pretty shade of PINK and BLACK!!! ***EEEEEKKKKKKKKK***

CvD and Kermit having a sex moment

So, after an 8 hour session at the salon, from my gingery hair going bleach blonde to bright fuschia (and black at the bottom), I was finally done.

I still can’t get over it and when I’m not wearing my glasses or contact lenses and look in the mirror, I’m almost 100% sure that a pretty bird has died on my head and stayed there. And yet, I LOVE IT!!!

Oh and this bird over here *flips the bird*, is for the hairdressers that said it couldn’t be done! It’s been done and I look fab thanks to my new hairdresser. All the while Ms Ivonna Muffleday (my sister), recorded it, so the video should be up sometime this week.

Oh, I also did a mini lingerie shoot with Kermit the Frog, coz I can.

So what do you think?

More pictures on the CvD Fanpage!

Have a fab Monday (if that’s even possible)!


Featured Friday: CvD Models

Hey cherries and daggers

Hope you’re having a wicked Friday so far!

So, for my first Featured Friday, I’ve decided to feature none other than the beautiful models on my page

  • Lillith Seaborne

  • Lady Tay

  • Star Borrageiro

  • Nixx Everleigh Drew

  • DeAwnna Montoya

  • Rose Luna

  • Taylor Tease

  • Starrlette Collins

  • Kyla Borrageiro

Check them out on my facebook page and the website if you wish to contact them for a shoot or just inbox me on facebook or send me an email and I will make sure work gets out to them. These girls are beautiful and are wonderful models, so make sure you check em out!

Have a funtastic weekend peeps!

Tattoo Tuesday: Cherry von Dagger’s Tattoos

Hey my Cherries and Daggers

So I thought I’d start my very first “Tattoo Tuesday” blog with my very own tats. Sure I don’t have many, in fact, I only have 2… but hey, humour me.

So, my first tattoo is the one on my hip of 2 Cherries. As a teenager I always wanted to get cherries on my inner arm to represent virginity, but I was working in retail at the time and couldn’t get a tattoo, unless it was covered 24/7, so I left it and finally got it a few years later on my hip after having a fight with my then-boyfriend and felt impulsive and angry (silly, I know, but I don’t regret getting it).

I was impulsive and a little scared to get a tattoo. I remember that I drove my little red Toyota Conquest RSI to the nearest shopping mall (one of my first times driving on my own, so I was nervous as hell), asked how much it would be and when they said it wouldn’t cost me too much, I had it done straight away, taking the first cherry design they had (after I fell in love with it), not thinking twice and having it done.

Then came the pain and Cherry thought she was going to DIE!!!

According to friends of mine, the hip is the most sore place to get a tattoo, but different people have different opinions on the matter. Anyway, needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be getting a tat on my hip again any time soon!

I got my second tattoo about 2 months ago. It is a lipstick-stained-kiss on my left wrist and I can GARRANTEE you, it was not half as sore as the tat on my hip! A good friend of mine took me to have it done and it looked like a Jay-Z tranny kissed my arm at the time, because it was hugely swollen, it’s all better now though, and looks super cute.

When people look at my tattoos, they ask me what’s the “deeper” meaning of my tattoos? Well, to be honest, I don’t have a “deeper” meaning to my tattoos, because unlike the girl who gets her great-granny tattood to her ankle, I want my tattoos to represent my personality and what makes me happy and to me, what makes me happy is pretty and feminine things.

Have an awesome Tattoo Tuesday my cherries and daggers!


Manic Monday: A New Daily Blog by CvD

Hey Cherries and Daggers!

So, I’ve taken the liberty of making a new and improved blog about me and my life and happenings and shit that you could read from and be happy you’re not as bat-shit crazy as I am. Aren’t I just the nicest?

CvD pulling a quack quack

Well, first thing’s first.

I’m going to label my blogs into 5 categories.

  • Manic Monday
  • Tattoo Tuesday
  • WTF Wednesday
  • Tribute Thursday
  • Featured Friday

Manic Monday:

On this day I’m going to tell you blog about anything and everything, this is going to be my day of ranting, raving, fucking out, screaming, talking shit, telling you about my weekend, telling you about what retarded or awesome people I’ve met and maybe even occasionally post a video or two and just generally go very apeshit.

Tattoo Tuesday:

This is the day I post some of my favourite tattoos that I’ve found on the internet, celeb tats, stupid tats, pathetic tats, funny tats, creative tats or just tats I find interesting in general, because I love tattoos.

WTF Wednesday:

WTF Wednesday is going to be my “Did you know” day. I’ll post random facts of shit you wish you didn’t know, or did, or things you could find useful, or not. Maybe I’ll even post about things I just don’t get and maybe you could give me an explanation about it. Like why was 80’s music so good, but the music videos sucked? How the hell does a camera actually work? Who do you thank when it’s Friday if you’re an athiest?

Tribute Thursday:

This day will be about bands, actors, singers, internet personalities, models, people I admire in general and think are epicness personified. I’ll tell you about them and why I think they’re so awesome they make the sun shine for me.

and lastly:

Featured Friday:

On Fridays I’ll feature a different alternative model, giving you a little bio about them and some pictures and their facebook and twitter details so you could be their fans also!

Well, that’s my random thoughts on a Monday so far!

Hope you have a kickass day further