Manic Monday: 9gag & The Oatmeal

Good morning peeps!

Yes dreaded Monday is upon us once more and I’m sorry to bring it to your attention when I think you might have forgotten it…oops.

Anyway, for a while now I’ve known about 2 websites that keep me from pulling my hear out of my head while singing the national anthem from a treetop (Read: keeps me sane) and those are:

9gag and The Oatmeal

9gag is a meme/funny pic/ random website that bored people, people with no life, people with a life, people with half a life and an addiction to the internet, teenagers, pre-teens, teens-at-heart and college students find entertaining simply because it’s funny and cool and has loads of pictures of cats that do funny things.


Warning: 9gag will steal your soul and make you log on in the late hours of the night and when you notice again it will be 17 hours later and time to get up when you haven’t had any sleep. BUT it’s awesome!

The Oatmeal on the other hand is for the slightly twisted creature. It’s funny, but in a very politically incorrect way.

It has quizzes, jokes, comics, trivia and blogs that are totally random, weird and funny.


Some of my ultimate favourite posts are:

So, when you’re bored again – and I know it’ll be soon – enjoy these 2 awesomelicious websites!

Happy Monday


Manic Monday: My Parlotones Meet & Greet

Greetings my sexy cherries and daggers!
So yet again the disgusting day we all dread is upon us once more (Yes Monday, you can go die now) and we’re counting down the hours and minutes till we can gladly shout out “T.G.I.F” again. Well I am, because I live for the weekends. Speaking of which, mine was a candy-coated wardrobe filled with fun at The Parlotones concert I went to!

As you know I blogged about them on Tribute Thursday last week, see it here:

Friday night me and a friend of mine went to see The Parlotones in concert at The Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City and after a crazy girl (good crazy) named Taylor opened for them and a Spiced Gold and Coke and a Hunters Gold down my throat, the party officially started!

After dancing my ass off and jumping up and down and headbanging like I would never see tomorrow for almost 2 hours, the concert ended and we went to go “meet and greet” the band. Neil, was a nice chilled guy, Glen, although hot as hell seemed shy, Paul was totally relaxed and cool and Kahn was sweet as sugar. Each of them posed for a pic with me, even though all I had handy was my Blackberry with no flash – Paul called it a Blurberry, he is so right!

I just want to say, if any of you wanna, you can buy me a new phone (lol).

They were awesome, friendly and brilliant on stage and off, and if I do say so myself, I think me and Khan make a damn cute couple! *hint, hint*

Have an awesome Monday further my lovelies!


Manic Monday: I BE BACK! and a little something on Twitter

Good day my sexy cherries and daggers!

Hope you all have been missing me as much as I’ve been missing you!

OK, so I guess I’m the weirdest person in the world, but I actually am happy as a bug in a rug to be back in the hustle and bustle of my world again. Holidays aren’t for me. Which is why I so badly wanna live in New York!

I love being busy, doing shit all the time, being productive, getting stuff done. Is that weird? Yea I thought so…

ANYWAY, so I thought I’d take a minute to dedicate this blog post to one of my favourite networking sites EVER and that’s Twitter!

If it wasn’t for twitter, I would never have met Liz Vicious, friend and mentor to me and none of this Cherry von Dagger modelling or blogging stuff would have happened and you wouldn’t have been sitting with your hand on your mouse like that, reading what I have written here. Strange how it works, right? lol

So, I’m on 1308 followers at the moment, people reading my strangeness for some odd reason that I’ll never fathom, but hey, keeps me happy and I keep you entertained (apparently)!

Anyway keeping it short and sweet today peeps, gotta run and do some other stuff that I definitely don’t determine as important, but hey.

Picture made by @inmypic

Follow me on twitter and I’ll follow you back!

Be good


Manic Monday: Holiday for Cherrypie

Gooden Morgen to all my cherries and daggers!

So, I’m writing this blog way in advance to let you guys know that Cherry will be AWOL for the next week as I’ll be holidaying it up in the middle of nowhere (aka the countryside), so if I happen to go missing after that then you will know to find my body in a secluded place in the middle of NOWHERE, probably partying it up with Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel and Eustace.

*le badly photoshopped Cherry in the middle of Nowhere

Anyway, so my sister and confidant Ivonna Muffleday (@I_Muffleday on twitter) will be posting these on my behalf, because she’s awesome like that. I will, however, still be replying to tweets on twitter when I get a chance (and if you don’t know already, I’m @cherryvondagger on twitter).

So don’t miss me too much and have an awesome week and if life gets a lil lonely, check out some of my videos on youtube and my website

Otherwise check out Jenna Marbles, she’s way cooler than me.

Or Liz Vicious.

Or Die Antwoord.

Or go on – but remember that 9gag steals your soul and you will forever be imprisoned. Just saying.



Manic Monday: Pink Alert!

Good Monday Morning my stunning Cherries and Daggers!

Hope you all had a stunning weekend!

My weekend was awesome and although I didn’t have time to do the Cinnamon Challenge (Sowy!), I did have time to have my hair made into a pretty shade of PINK and BLACK!!! ***EEEEEKKKKKKKKK***

CvD and Kermit having a sex moment

So, after an 8 hour session at the salon, from my gingery hair going bleach blonde to bright fuschia (and black at the bottom), I was finally done.

I still can’t get over it and when I’m not wearing my glasses or contact lenses and look in the mirror, I’m almost 100% sure that a pretty bird has died on my head and stayed there. And yet, I LOVE IT!!!

Oh and this bird over here *flips the bird*, is for the hairdressers that said it couldn’t be done! It’s been done and I look fab thanks to my new hairdresser. All the while Ms Ivonna Muffleday (my sister), recorded it, so the video should be up sometime this week.

Oh, I also did a mini lingerie shoot with Kermit the Frog, coz I can.

So what do you think?

More pictures on the CvD Fanpage!

Have a fab Monday (if that’s even possible)!


Manic Monday: A New Daily Blog by CvD

Hey Cherries and Daggers!

So, I’ve taken the liberty of making a new and improved blog about me and my life and happenings and shit that you could read from and be happy you’re not as bat-shit crazy as I am. Aren’t I just the nicest?

CvD pulling a quack quack

Well, first thing’s first.

I’m going to label my blogs into 5 categories.

  • Manic Monday
  • Tattoo Tuesday
  • WTF Wednesday
  • Tribute Thursday
  • Featured Friday

Manic Monday:

On this day I’m going to tell you blog about anything and everything, this is going to be my day of ranting, raving, fucking out, screaming, talking shit, telling you about my weekend, telling you about what retarded or awesome people I’ve met and maybe even occasionally post a video or two and just generally go very apeshit.

Tattoo Tuesday:

This is the day I post some of my favourite tattoos that I’ve found on the internet, celeb tats, stupid tats, pathetic tats, funny tats, creative tats or just tats I find interesting in general, because I love tattoos.

WTF Wednesday:

WTF Wednesday is going to be my “Did you know” day. I’ll post random facts of shit you wish you didn’t know, or did, or things you could find useful, or not. Maybe I’ll even post about things I just don’t get and maybe you could give me an explanation about it. Like why was 80’s music so good, but the music videos sucked? How the hell does a camera actually work? Who do you thank when it’s Friday if you’re an athiest?

Tribute Thursday:

This day will be about bands, actors, singers, internet personalities, models, people I admire in general and think are epicness personified. I’ll tell you about them and why I think they’re so awesome they make the sun shine for me.

and lastly:

Featured Friday:

On Fridays I’ll feature a different alternative model, giving you a little bio about them and some pictures and their facebook and twitter details so you could be their fans also!

Well, that’s my random thoughts on a Monday so far!

Hope you have a kickass day further