WTF Wednesday: Me going crazy as Gaga lands in South Africa

Good morning my cherries and daggers!!

OK so my WTF Wednesday is about the fact that I almost had a mild seizure last night when I heard that Mother Monster has arrived in South Africa…

I mean I’m such a retard. How the hell was I expecting her to perform without arriving in the country first? Guess I just didn’t think about it.

Anyway I’m so excited!!! I’m sitting and wiggling around my seat like I’ve got ants in my pants, listening to Lady Gaga while I drink my chocolate coffee…

Friday definitely can’t come ANY sooner!! Got my golden circle ticket (I’m surprised I haven’t framed it yet lol…), got half my outfit ready (even though I’m moving and everything’s a mess) AND got my camera in my handbag. FRIDAY IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!

Even though I have to admit that Born This Way is not my favourite album of Gaga, I would probably still eat up every single song like it’s my favourite brand of chocolate! My favourite songs on the album being Alejandro, Judas and You and I.

My lovelies, expect photies galore on Manic Monday!

Have a fab hump day!


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