WTF Wednesday: Oh Dracula, what has happened to our vampires?

Hey my muppets!

So since I’ve decided that my topic of conversation for the week is Twilight and my love/hate relationship for the Saga, I was thinking, how did vampires come to sparkle? Where did the idea of a blood-sucking corpse that happens to be sexy even come from?

The Answer?

Thanks to Google’s dedication to him a few days ago, I learnt about Bram Stoker, the author of the 1897 Gothic novel, Dracula.

Count Dracula, as we all know, was the world’s first novel vampire. He did not sparkle. His powers were: Superhuman strength, is immortal (unless killed by a silver bullet, holy water, a steak to the heart, iron weapons or wild rose), can turn into a bat (and apparently other animals too), he could control the weather and he could vanish.

Since the count there had been many other vampire novels and even films about vampires, some of the most famous ones include Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned. Other popular vampire films include Van Helsing and Underworld.

Vampires are meant to lure you in by their sexuality, their appetite for flesh, their naughty sense of nature. They’re meant to be irresistible like chocolate when you’re on your strictest diet….

So my question is… WTF Happened???

Stephanie Meyer’s vampires sparkle, are white as powder, are cold like stone, can run fast, have superhuman strengh and are immortal.

You decide what vampire you like best, but in the meantime, I think I’ll watch Queen of the Damned again!

Have a lovely day further peeps!


2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Oh Dracula, what has happened to our vampires?

  1. Hi Cherry: This is the first time I have seen U or your blog; but I am delighted that you enjoy Ann Rice. I am an olde biddy, and I have loved gothic literature my entire life. With all due respect to Bram Stoker, I give Ann Rice credit for introducing the concept of a sexy, attractive and highly seductive Vampire. I am amazed at all the young readers today, who follow Ms. Meyer, and have never read Ann, or even seen any of the films based on her novels. She was very popular back in the day.. . time does fly fast.

    My hope is that Gothics for adults will continue to be written. I am glad kids have an author like Ms. Meyer, they can “bond” with, and start them on the course of being good and avid readers. Still, there is much about the gothic sub-culture that can be attrative to a mature audiance, land I hope we are not dismissed, with the current explosion of YA writing.

    I do not want to discourage YA writers, I just want to encourage more R rated books that also have the advantage of being intellectually stimulating on all fronts, just like Ann Rice, at her best.

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