WTF Wednesday: Fairytales vs Reality

Hey my cherries and daggers!

So again, a terrible bloggers block has befallen me, but I thought I’d write something about fairytales once more. Basically I’m going to write about girls who seem to think that they have a Prince Charming waiting for them and for guys who tend to think that there’s some super hot supermodel Princess waiting for them.

With that picture right there I could end the blog, because that’s basically the point I’m trying to make.

Disney movies and Porn have made people so delusional about love and marriage and what to look for in a person, that some of us fussy people (ahem, not me, of course lol), tend to find fault in anything that moves unless they’re basically 100% perfect. Which means we’ll never be happy, because nobody and nothing is perfect.

Alright, I’ll make a bit of a confession here. I am probably the most full of shit person when it comes to dating. This here is my dating chart:

Anything less, then GTFO!!

But seriously? Who wants to date a nice, oil painting you can’t have a conversation with because he’s as dumb as a rock? Who wants to date a nerdy, nice guy who doesn’t take care of himself? And who wants to date a sexy, intelligent guy who can’t talk about anything but himself? See where I’m going with this?

Same with guys. I mean, I’m sure guys wouldn’t mind dating a hot girl if she couldn’t string a sentence together (lol), but are you really going to settle for a supermodel who’s amazing in bed but doesn’t know the recipe for making ice?

What about a girl who’s nice and clever, but looks more like an extra for Night of the Living Dead than someone you can be proud of to take home to your mother?

Or what about a girl who’s intelligent and sexy, but hell, all she wants to do is go out shopping and eat at expensive restaurants?

I. Rest. My. Case.

Well on that WTF Wednesday note, I’m outta here.

Have a fab Wednesday sweethearts!


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