Manic Monday: Once Upon a Time – a TV series

Good morning my cherries and daggers!

SO last night I was at a braai (South African for BBQ) that lasted up until midnight so I’m pretty tired for a Monday morning, no big deal though, I’ve had my coffees and Red Bulls and I’m good to go!

But it’s not all parties and parades in Cherry’s world, I do actually have some down time where all I wanna do is relax with my doggie Bubbles and my kitty Vicious, a cup of hot chocolate coffee and harddrive and just watch movies and series’ till I’m tired from them all.

Bubbles and Vicious having a friendly little encounter judging the neighbours

So anyway, this blog is going to be about a show my sister introduced me to and it’s called;

Once Upon a Time…

If you know me, you’d know that I’m absolutely obsessed with fairy tales and Disney princes and princesses, so this show comes as no surprise.

It basically starts off with a really pissed off Evil Queen who puts a curse on everybody who lives in The Enchanted Forest (aka all the fairytale characters) and sends them to the real world where they have no idea what their real identities are to a town called Storybrooke.

The Queen’s main enemies are pretty little Snow White and Prince Charming who happen to give birth to the only person who can save the characters from being boring shrinks and accountants forever (no offence, being a fairytale character is just so much cooler).

Oh and somewhere in the mix is my favourite villian-slash-vigilante-slash-bad-guy-slash-good-guy Rumplestilskin who, in my opinion, just makes the show so much better!

So anyway the reason I’m telling you guys to watch this show is because apparently season 2 started airing on American television yesterday! So watch it and don’t tell me what happens until I can get it on DVD here in sunny South Africa.

Have a lovely Monday peeps!


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