Tribute Thursday: Show me how you Burlesque

Hey my darlings!

Today’s Tribute Thursday is dedicated to one of the sexiest and most fabulous dance styles of today’s age:


Burlesque originated in the 16th century and was originally intended as a “mockery” art-form to make people laugh by using theatrical performances that make fun of known plays of their day.

In 1868 Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes made their way to American soil and introduced a variety show of sexy and funny performances in (gasp!) nude tights…. which brought on a whole new era in Burlesque.

Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes

According to, in 1893 The World’s Fair Columbian Exhibition opened in Chicago. Among the most infamous performers is Little Egypt, who introduces the exotic “belly dance” to America. A musical cue improvised by Sol Bloom (Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doodoo doody-doody-doo) becomes synonymous with the burgeoning art of the “hoochie-coochie.”

From there saloon girls, belly dancers and various other performers got onto the parody bandwagon and basically the Burlesque we’ve all come to know and love was born with seductive strip-teases and lip-syncing to funny tracks becoming the must-see shows of the day.

Some of the most recognised Burlesque stars of the hay-day till today include Josephine Baker, Lola the Vamp, Bettie Page,  Miss Polly Rae, Marie Dressler, Gypsy Rose Lee,  Tracy Phillips, Sally Rand, Tura Satana, Satan’s Angel, Ann Corio, Michelle L’amour, Dita Von Teese, Catherine D’lish, and Sherry Britton.

Sally Rand

Dita von Teese

Gypsy Rose Lee

Satan’s Angel

Michelle L’amour

Josephine Baker

Betty Page

Lola the Vamp

Sherry Britton

Here is also my favourite scene from the 2011 movie Burlesque, performed by the beautiful Christina Aguilera… enjoy!

Have a fantastic day further my peeps!



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