Tribute Thursday: Roxey Ann Caplin – The Inventor of the Corset

Hey my darlings,

sorry for the late Tribute Thursday post!

Thing is, I went to my post office this morning and this BEAUtiful corset was waiting there for me (pics to be posted asap!) and I couldn’t help but strut along everywhere with it. I’ve gone to the shops, walked around my house and even walked the dog in it this morning, just because I can!

Anyway, which made me want to dedicate this Tribute Thursday to the inventor of the CORSET or the Brassiere:

Roxey Ann Caplin

Roxey Ann Caplin was a Canadian writer and inventor in the 18th century who worked as one of the first (if not the first) corsetmakers in London. For some reason I can’t find much of this amazing woman and fashionista on the web, but I do want to give her a beeeeg thank you for inventing something that help even the most self-concious girl feel like absolute sex!

So fellas, buy your ladies a corset, you won’t regret it!

Happy Thursday (well since the post is delayed, happy Friday hehe)


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