Tattoo Tuesday: Fandom Tattoos – Ozzy Osbourne

Hey my sexies!

Fandom tattoos – many many people do it, from the dreaded teeny-boppers who would put Miley Cyrus’s face on their hips to the original hard-core 80’s Rock and Roll Bikers who put their favourite bands on their bodies. A big favourite was the one and only Ozzy Osbourne. He still is!

On the Ozzy Osbourne fan page on Facebook you’ll see an entire album dedicated to fans who have inked the main man on their bodies, proving that they really are HARDCORE Ozzy fans:

I guess a bit of my Afrikaans conservative side comes out when I see tattoos like this, but I don’t really think I’d be inking Ozzy’s face on my body any time soon.

“Of all the things I’ve lost, my mind I miss the most” – Ozzy Osbourne

Have a fucking fantastic Tuesday


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