Tribute Thursday: The Parlotones

Hello again my cherries and daggers,

One day closer and I’m sure you’ll all be singing to the tunes of the weekend!

But for now, I’m going to introduce you to one of the most successful bands in South Africa:

The Parlotones

They are an Indie rock, New wave, Post punk rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa (my home!) and are best known for the cool makeup Kahn Morbee (the lead) likes to wear in their music videos and live performances.

Other than Seether and Prime Circle, the band is one of the country’s favourite rock bands and their album  A World Next Door to Yours has been the best-selling rock album of the decade.

With over 19 awards, 10 albums, 3 EP’s to their names, they are definitely a band to watch… and throw your panties at. Just saying.

Check out their epic music videos below:

Have a kickass Thursday!


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