Manic Monday: 65 Days Till Halloween

Hello again my sexies!

Sorry for the late post. My pc has now decided that it doesn’t like and will give me endless grief whenever I feel like posting something here. So THANK YOU COMPUTER! You’re awesome, truely, you are.

Anyway back to the topic. Did you know it’s only 65 days till Halloween?


Well you do now!

So, in South Africa (where I’m from) Halloween isn’t a big deal. Trick or Treating for kids and decorating the house for the “holiday” isn’t done like it is in other countries around the world. There’s no “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat” singing, no little Jersey Shore hooker dressups for kids under the age of 12 or reasons for us to go knocking on people’s doors at the late hours of the night. Unless you want to be scolded or shot.

Basically Halloween in SA is something only a handful of non-conservative teen and 20-somethings celebrate by dressing scary and going to the nearest rock club and win prizes. 

Some people go all out, dressing as the characters from Avatar or Mortal Kombat, some hire costumes, some buy them, some get professional makeup artists to paint zips and scars on them while others simply wear fairy wings and consider themselves “dressed up” and expect to get into clubs for free for their “effort”.

Halloween can be fun if you go the extra mile and make for some killer pictures!


So, I’m not telling you what I’m dressing as, but hopefully I’ll look awesome enough to post pictures here!

Know what you’re going as yet?

Tell me, I’d love to hear!


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