Tribute Thursday: The Lonely Island

Hey my sexy cherries and daggers!

Hope you’re having a super week so far, I’m still in the middle of nowhere, so this is yet another pre-written blog written for your enjoyment, so please enjoy!

One of my favourite and funniest tributes will be given to…

The Lonely Island

Their songs include “Dick in a box”, “3Way”, “Threw it on the ground” and “Turtle neck and chain”, obviously very weird names for songs, which is what makes them so awesomely funny! Their lyrics are probably the funniest I’ve heard in a long time and in one song they actually got ladylike Natalie Portman to rap like she was 50cent or something, telling her fans they can “Suck my D*ck!”, hmm…

So, yes they might not be rock orientated and have a very commercial sound to their music, but give them a chance, because they’ve made me giggle!

Have an awesome Thursday!


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