Manic Monday: Holiday for Cherrypie

Gooden Morgen to all my cherries and daggers!

So, I’m writing this blog way in advance to let you guys know that Cherry will be AWOL for the next week as I’ll be holidaying it up in the middle of nowhere (aka the countryside), so if I happen to go missing after that then you will know to find my body in a secluded place in the middle of NOWHERE, probably partying it up with Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel and Eustace.

*le badly photoshopped Cherry in the middle of Nowhere

Anyway, so my sister and confidant Ivonna Muffleday (@I_Muffleday on twitter) will be posting these on my behalf, because she’s awesome like that. I will, however, still be replying to tweets on twitter when I get a chance (and if you don’t know already, I’m @cherryvondagger on twitter).

So don’t miss me too much and have an awesome week and if life gets a lil lonely, check out some of my videos on youtube and my website

Otherwise check out Jenna Marbles, she’s way cooler than me.

Or Liz Vicious.

Or Die Antwoord.

Or go on – but remember that 9gag steals your soul and you will forever be imprisoned. Just saying.



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