WTF Wednesday: Orange tans and duckfaces

Hey my cherries and daggers!

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Why is society so fucked up?

Duckfaces and orange tans have been making the rounds ever since shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Jerseylicious” debuted on television, setting a very low standard of beauty for females everywhere.

Society’s definition of “HOT”

Seriously, WTF?

Then, to put the cherry on the cake, they have this idea that people with tattoos and piercings are trashy, don’t look after themselves and look like shit. To them, we are SMUT and DIRT.

Again, WTF?

This is Radeo Suicide, one of my favourite Suicide Girls, SHE is my definition of “HOT”

Minimal makeup, no orange tan in site, no duckface, just ink and beautiful natural skin. Now, wouldn’t you say that that’s much better? I’d say!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all girls that put fake tan on are ugly and I’m not saying all girls with tats are hot. You do get the occasional granny that goes through a crisis and decides to get a tiger on her boob (and that’s just sooooo wrong) and girls who wear minimal fake tan that actually looks nice, but I’m talking about the majority here.

So, out of the two pictures above, who would you rather be seen in public with?

I think my choice is pretty obvious…

Anyway have an awesome Wednesday!


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